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The Deviant – Book Review

The Deviant Book Cover The Deviant
Shankar S Padmanaban
Romance, young adult
Frog Books

The blurb was a bit interesting on the lines of a novel based on friendship and a clumsy knot that throws the involved in a situation to get out from. The cover is not my favorite but suits the theme and story.

The protagonist - Sam. Nothing new about him. All the more an ordinary youngster who diligently follows what the movies had taught him - school, college, friends, love, love-failure. It was more like reading one’s diary. Other characters involved are also sketched neat, only that the character definition was not on par. It was more like same people with different names at some point. Could have been better. The character ‘Jenny’ is a saver, someone better of the lot.

The novel is about 280 pages that I found a tad difficult for the story. The author might have concentrated on giving a crispier deal for a story with scenes that we are so used to. Though, for a debutant, it is fair enough - I would only advise to keep it simple for the next. The language was decent - and there’s room to improve a lot more. The descriptions were fair enough, only if the author had some portions chunked.

The editor has done an excellent job with the novel. No glaring mistakes as such. But, a few words didn’t sit appropriately, and I thought, maybe, the common newbie syndrome to flaunt some vocabulary. Could have been avoided for the story’s sake.

Many parts fall under the ‘old wine’ category.

I was glad that the author kept in check with the locality, and the language and kind of dialogues between the characters were much real. There were books that I read with Indian premises but language as that of a different country. The author seems to be keen on delivering a good novel with real characters than draw something overdramatic to add more cheesy stuff to the story. Kudos!

I’d also appreciate the author for properly following geography throughout the novel. Familiar places, at least to me. Very native and fresh, it is rare to find down south in novels.

Might be of interest to college goers or those who just finished their college, as it didn’t clearly resonate enough with me, that is.

Expecting a better flick with your next - All the best Shankar.