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Chennai to Hampi – weekend getaway

Chuck fairy tales, go adventurous! – Is my motto. But with my spinal cord injury, my treks, and trip experience have mellowed down. Hampi being a not-so-tough to hike place, I said “Let’s go!” and three other friends joined.



  • Where – Hampi
  • For – Trekking, weekend getaway
  • Organized by – Get Beyond Limits
  • Cost factor – 3000 INR per head
  • Cost includes — Bus picks us from Bangalore and drops us back, home stay, sightseeing more details are here

Why I chose this trip:

Selfish reasons, though — I am on the brink of starting my next novel, and I want some change to forget the characters of my previous flick. November being the National Novel Writing Month – I’m likely to start my third novel, tentatively I’ve given it a title – “Aspen Leaves,”

I wanted to meet new people – Of course, am an introvert but am a better observer. So, I wanted to see new people – I did start this trip with three friends and 20 strangers, but am back with 20 odd friends now! Yayy yay!

The gang:

  • Four outdoor leaders
  • 2 Germans, one from China, almost 8+ from Chennai and others from North India

It was a convivial gang of people with our interests aligning to exploring, having fun and to get back home with new friends and memories.

We had photography enthusiasts, a horticulture student, a few who work in IT organizations, a few who sing well, and of course, I was the only published writer, yet, found a few readers/ potential writers over the trip.

How we turned friends:

It started off with an ice-breaking session at the bus when we kick-started our journey from Bangalore to Hampi – we had to introduce ourselves amending an adjective and that in particular had to be a food item, our sweetest memory in the year 2016, what would you do if you get up one fine morning and realize you just switched your gender, and also, share your fear.

Next was the bouldering session – where we got to introduce each other, start talking, encourage each other while climbing on the large boulders.


We were all set to trek, helping each other according to their speed. We explored Hampi — The famous Virupaksha temple, the Sanapur Lake, Vitthala temple, and we also had the chance to hear the history from a guide. Hike to Anjaneya temple was indeed an experience – 575 + 575 steps early in the morning was strenuous, but the view from the summit was mind-blowing.


I also had the opportunity to talk with ‘Kush’ he is an outdoor leader who also writes poems, and we shared our love for writing, and our teeny bag of secrets.

Personal Experience:

I somehow shed the ‘introvert’ me and spoke to one of the outdoor leader Prajna – I wanted to know about her profile, how tough it is to be a leader, her experiences, etc.. I also shared the plot details of my next novel, and we were in sync. I also told her that I love to travel with people who are not personally close because most who do end up talking about their issues in life. While my agenda of a trip is to give a damn to the problems and to live the trek to the fullest. (and I did)

As usual, I took the first seat of the bus started reeling, plotting, and thinking over the details to understand if I use the details/experience in any of the novels that are plot-ready

It was almost 8:00 PM when I realized that we are running out of time and that I have a train at 11:55 PM from Bangalore Cantt station. The outdoor leaders were thoughtful, and luckily, Kush – the outdoor leader had his plans laid. We got down elsewhere and booked an Ola cab, Kush kept talking to me to ensure I am alright and promised that I’d catch my train and I did.

Before I got down from the bus I sensed most of them are worried about my train, my friend shoved more money in my hand; another said to inform immediately if I miss the train to pick me back from the station.

Having no clue about Bangalore with battery drained phone – I relied on people. I gathered information from the folks around to know the platform number, the coach stops, etc.. I usually take the side upper berth to avoid conversations with people ( Acute and slight Anthropophobia, you see!)

Just when my faith in humanity restored, and when I was about to doze off, the TTR woke me up at 2:00 AM to check the bloody tickets and left the lights on. Goddamn!

Back with:

  • Leg cramps, chapped lips, slight tan, and Hampi Hangover
  • Friends, friends and more friends
  • Google drive with beautiful pictures
  • A mail thread connecting all of us


Hampi gave me a necessary break to start afresh! Bless me people – am all set to write “Aspen Leaves,” this November.