Birds of Prey : Book Review

Birds of Prey Book Cover Birds of Prey
Archana Sarat
Psychological Thriller

I just want to say "Just go buy the book, and read it (have tissue papers handy)" to people who are *thinking* whether to read this book or no.

What a fantastic book! God, it took me two days to literally throw the lead character Swarna out of my head. Okay, over to the review.

The novel starts off with an awesome punch, Archana Sarat almost giggles at us in the first chapter saying "What do you think? that you can crack the thrilling suspense in this chapter? No baby!" I was flattered right there at the first twist.

In a matter of a few chapters, if you're an ardent reader - you'd definitely figure out the whole plot but what keeps you hooked is Archana's way of writing.

The novel parts into two - One embarks on an emotional roller coaster ride called Swarna's life. The life history of the person just slaps hard on your face asking "what are you crying over a break-up? or are you sad because you can't afford an iPhone? Do you know what's life?" - The impact of the chapters affected me profoundly.

The second part - About the crime, and investigation. Archana has done a wonderful job here. Bewildering changes and raw details leaves you gasping.

Archana Sarat has touched a very important social crime in the society that questions the cultural climate of the world. She has torn the fabricated illusions about the beautiful world we live in. This novel left a profound mark on me! A very brutal-raw-mind-numbing-clamouring-hard-emotionally wrenching novel. I thoroughly loved it.

These are books that are not to be reviewed or rated but digested.

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